Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychological Science

Ball State University



E mail: slsimondack@bsu.edu     Phone: 765-285-1693     Fax: 765-285-1702     Office: NQ 128



I specialize in the field of cognitive neuroscience through the collection of electroencephalography/event-related potential (EEG/ERP) data of human subjects. My interests span topics such as interhemispheric communication (the process by which the two hemispheres communicate with one another), multisensory integration (specifically how the brain processes and integrates information from auditory and touch inputs), and temporal processing (the processing of time, specifically on a millisecond level). My recent graduate students’ theses have examined the neural correlates of temporal processing and the long-term effects of concussions on female athletes. I am currently accepting graduate students.


My methodological training is in the collection and analysis of ERPs.  These are changes in electrical activity in the brain that reflect specific functions.  Myself and several colleagues recently received a grant allowing the purchase of this technology and we now have an active ERP lab in the Department of Psychological Science.


Selected Publications

Simon-Dack, S.L., Holtgraves, T., Marsh, L. M., & Fogle, K. L. (2013). Resting electroencephalography correlates of pseudoneglect: an individual differences approach. NeuroReport, 24: 827-830.


Simon-Dack, S.L., Rodriguez, P.D., & Marcum, G.D.  (accepted, Journal of Attention Disorders, June 2014).  Study habits, motives, and strategies of college students with symptoms of ADHD.


Simon-Dack, S. L., Cummings, S. E., Reetz, D. J., Alvarez-Vazquez, E., Gu, H., & Teder-Sälejärvi, W. A. (2009).  “Touched” by light: Event-related potentials (ERPs) to visuo-haptic stimuli in peri-personal space.  Brain Topography, 21, 261-268.


Educational Background 

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2005

M.A. in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2002

B.A. in Psychology and English, Goucher College, 2000



My current obsessions include baking, zombies, and puns.