Dr. Stephanie Simon-Dack

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychological Science

Ball State University











E mail: slsimondack@bsu.edu     Phone: 765-285-1693     Fax: 765-285-1702     Office: NQ 128



I specialize in the study of cognitive neuroscience through the collection of reaction time and accuracy responses of human subjects. My interests span topics such as multisensory integration (specifically how the brain processes and integrates information from auditory and touch information), how individuals with attention deficits process incoming sensory information, and how information transfer between the hemispheres influences processing. My recent graduate students’ theses have examined how people with ADHD integrate information from multiple sensory inputs and how multiple concussions may influence sensory processing. I am currently accepting graduate students.


My methodological training is in the collection and analysis of event-related potentials.  These are changes in electrical activity in the brain that reflect specific functions.  I am currently pursuing grant funding to bring this technology to my lab.


Selected Publications

Rodriguez, P. D., & Simon-Dack, S. L. (2013).  Factor analysis of five adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder self-report measures: Are they all the same?  Journal of Attention Disorders, 17, 64-69.


Simon-Dack, S. L., Cummings, S. E., Reetz, D. J., Alvarez-Vazquez, E., Gu, H., & Teder-Sälejärvi, W. A. (2009).  “Touched” by light: Event-related potentials (ERPs) to visuo-haptic stimuli in peri-personal space.  Brain Topography, 21, 261-268.


Simon-Dack, S. L., Friesen, C. K., & Teder-Sälejärvi, W. A. (2009).  Sex differences in auditory processing of peri-personal space: An event-related potential study.  Neuroreport, 20, 105-110.


Simon-Dack, S.L., Teder-Sälejärvi, W.A. (2008). Proprioceptive cues modulate further processing of spatially congruent auditory information. A high-density EEG study. Brain Research, 1220: 171-178.


Educational Background 

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2005

M.A. in Experimental Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2002

B.A. in Psychology and English, Goucher College, 2000



My current obsessions include bread-baking, zombies, and puns.